In general, the games have a contribution to the objectives of physical education complex. Unlike other groups of means used in the preparation of students, it has the following features:
- Allow complex and simultaneous expression and development of basic skills or specific matrix, the physical qualities;
- The game allows wide manifestation of independence in action, specific feature of all forms of organization;
- Games favor the development of creativity and initiative;
- Games allow development copetitivitate spirit;
- Games do not allow a precise dosage of effort and no strict regulatory technical execution.
After carefully researching the historical sources that give definitions of the game authors are numeroase.Sa tried explaining the game in different ways, namely:

  • Biological;
  • Psychological;
  • Teaching;
  • Philosophy.
    In the literature contradictory worn many discussions, given that many theories have emerged attempting to explain the game and its functions in our life from beginning to end them. jocuri cu motociclete