All requests not being fetched during testing

We have a test for our SPA that should make 22 calls to the server to get information (in parts). During testing it fetches a lot less and in actual fact, our test never properly progresses to the next stage of the test (apparently due to incomplete data, but it is hard to say for sure). The WPT test continues with the next step, but in reality the view is still stuck on the previous step (based on the screenshots).

If I take a clean instance of Chrome on my machine, access the same server, using exactly the same script (triggering it step by step with the console) it works perfectly.

What could cause this discrepancy?

By default it will wait for 2 seconds of network idle after onload and then terminate the test. You can force it to wait for at least X seconds using “time” parameter (minimum test duration in the advanced tab of the advanced settings) or you can change the idle period threshold using the setActivityTimeout script command: