Amazon S3 to CDN services


I’m hosting my images, css and javascript on the Amazon S3 network but the test does not recognise this as being part of a CDN network. Is this included and if not, is there any chance you could add this to the list?


CloudFront should already be detected as a CDN. S3 itself wasn’t but last time I had tested it wasn’t performing like a CDN so it wasn’t warranted. Do you have a sample test/page where you are seeing the problem?



I will send you a private message with a URL if you don’t mind.

For everybody else reading this thread; The website I am referring to links to images, javascript and stylesheets hosted on URLs like this:

Bringing some more context to the thread…

S3 itself isn’t a CDN. You can use CloudFront to distribute your S3 content but in that case you will be using the cloudfront path, not the S3 path to the resources (those are used as the origin but shouldn’t be referenced in your page).


I’d like like to say thanks Pat you went out of your way to help me understand this issue. I now have a much better understanding of this.