Android Opera Mini (Extreme) Devices API support


I wanted to clarify if the Dulles, VA USA (Desktop, Android, iOS) MotoG devices using Opera Mini Extreme mode are supported through the API? I’ve installed the NodeJS wrapper and checked with the webpagetest locations command which shows them, however from your docs you have to run webpagetest locations --key API_KEY to see which locations can be used through the api.

I’m asking this as your API product shows that Opera Mini is not listed under the browsers category and I just wanted to double check this was the case.

If it isn’t, is there any precedence for supporting this or is it on your roadmap for a future feature?

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No, the physical mobile devices (Android or iOS) are not available through the API currently. Mobile testing through the API uses Chrome’s mobile emulation from the cloud nodes.

Deploying and scaling the mobile devices so they can be used through the API is being looked at but odds are that if/when it gets deployed that tests on actual mobile devices will be significantly more expensive.

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