Mobile test queue super long

I like testing for mobile. I’ve been using Moto G6 Chrome, with lighhouse reports turned on.

Lately the queue for that has gotten super long, like this morning it was 150 test in front of me.

WPT is amazing and free resource, I’m not complaining in the slightest.

Just wondering if any would suggest a different device for testing?

Also note, I’ve considered pinning up a private instance, but reading it sounded like that actually needed to be a pretty beefy instance and would be cost prohibitive for the handful of tests I run weekly.

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The Moto G4’s will go through tests the fastest if you absolutely need real device testing. There are a bunch of them while all of the other devices (Moto G6 included) only has a single device.

If you just need to do mobile testing but it doesn’t have to be a physical device, Chrome’s device emulation is available in all of the test locations.


Thanks. I guess my real question can anyone recommend a “Mobile Test” config that doesn’t get so backlogged?

I don’t really care what device, or if it’s emulated, just so long as the results are consistent and meaningful. I’ll try the emulation options.

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Your best bet would be the Virginia EC2 location with the “Motorola G (gen 4)” browser selected. It has the most capacity and should chew through tests just as fast as desktop (though soon, all of the cloud regions will auto-scale).

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TY! That helps tremendously!

I did notice somewhere WPT seemed to sometimes be reporting queue/wait times. Now I can’t remember where I saw that.

Just based on my anecdotal experience, sure would be helpful to make some of the info more prominent.

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