Pending Tests (38+) and unmoving

I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but the past few weeks every time I try and do a page test there’s anywhere from 5-40 tests in front of mine, and a lot of the time the number of tests is unmoving. I’ve had a tab open the last three hours and it still says there are 34 tests in front of mine.

Is there any premium package I can subscribe to or buy so I don’t have to wait?

What test location (and browser/device)? Most of the test locations only have one agent and it’s possible you’re on a particularly busy one (a lot of the Europe locations for example). It’s also possible that the agent is having issues or someone is submitting particularly slow tests (I’d need to know the agent to be able to look into it).

The Dulles, VA location (the default) should have ample capacity though and should never get backed up like that.

There are no commercial services on itself but you have a few options if you want faster results, more testing, whatever:

1 - Run your own private instance. With EC2 it is pretty easy to spin up test agents anywhere in the world and you would completely control the testing capacity:

2 - SpeedCurve offers a commercial performance monitoring product that runs on top of their own private WebPageTest instance

I should mention that just the desktop browsers and Moto G devices in Dulles have plenty of capacity. If you are trying to run tests on one of the iOS devices or a different Android device you are going to be bumping into capacity issues because most of those are a single device (and the iOS devices in particular are SLOW to test on).