Waiting in test queue taking a long time

I’ve seen this in the past, but not to this degree. This morning when I sent of some tests to run it said there were something like 2000 tests ahead of me. I thought ok, I’ll just wait for the results.

Well, I’m looking at it now and that was 8 hours ago. Something seems wrong here.

Even worse is that if I refresh the page that says how many results are ahead of me the number gets bigger and bigger each refresh. How are tests getting ahead in the queue? Has someone figured out a hack to get ahead in the queue?

At one point it refreshed and it said 301 tests, next refresh it said 310, another 319. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130701_KM_134J/

Thanks again for all the work you do.


Did you submit the test manually through the UI or was it a test that was submitted through the API? WebPagetest supports several priority levels and the API is basically low priority and best-effort so it is not unusual to see tests jump ahead.

Sorry, just saw the “8 hours” - that long is certainly not expected and if it was backed up for that long then I’ll need to take a look. I’ve been fighting with some spammers that were abusing the system but I did quite a bit of manual testing today and the queues looked pretty reasonable when I checked.

Ah, I’ve noticed the queue being longer some mornings, but nothing quite like today. Sorry you’re having to deal with folks abusing the system. :frowning:

And yes, via the API.

FWIW they finished from the last time I posted this message. :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m sure it’s a coincidence but it finished right between my 2 posts after I went to check on it :wink: