Anomalous SSL Negotiation Time in Miami


I’ve been using this excellent resource to finetune my webserver, and have obtained results generally as expected from testing at various of the offered locations.

But, there is one persistent and consistent anomaly. The Miami test location always shows 1.3 seconds or longer of SSL handshaking as between the test site and my server. None of the other SSL served elements on the site home page from other sites have unexpected values, just my site. Other test locations show times in the 80 - 250 msec range, but they blow out sometimes to even over 1.5 secs in Miami.

The site is served from Amazon’s Oregon location, and uses an NGINX web server. It isn’t a distance related thing because I get normal timings from sites in Europe and Asia, as well as East Coast USA.

Can anyone suggest what’s up here? Do I ignore it or is there an issue with my server.

Many thanks for any advice offered.


Might help if you can capture some failcases with tcpdump. That said, if it ONLY happens from Miami and you can’t reproduce it elsewhere I’d be strongly inclined to think it was a test agent issue (maybe CPU constrained or something else going on).