Long, like 1.5 seconds delay after SSL before HTML

Hi All

1st post and I have spent a lot of time reading today. I have a website that is giving me what I think is an odd-ball reading. I have tested in various ways using Chrome and Firefox browsers to webpagetest and get the same result. I am sure it is a server issue, I am just asking for thoughts on where to look on the server. The server seems to be ok, I am confident it is specific to this account within the CPanel server that I look after. Other sites are not showing the same symptom.

I’ve highlighted the waterfall section I am trying to figure out. There is obviously some CPU activity, but zero bandwidth which I think indicates stuff is being processed. There is other stuff to be addressed after the first html load, but if I can shave this 1+ second out from the start then the overall load is not too bad for an uncached, no-cdn site. Why?, because I cannot see any value in those tools before fixing more fundamental issues. At least I think it makes sense… :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help.


Might be worth running a few of the ssl testers over the site to see what they say; I wonder if there’s something missing from the cert.

Message me on here with the site name and I could take a further look. You’re right, something is definitely weird.