Anything else that could be done ?

The blog seems like it’s as fast as it can be. Without going to better hosting. The forums though the time to first bite is twice as long.

Can you sprite all the png’s? You could probably knock a second off the forum if you can group enough of them together. Also, fix the missing javascript.

Moving your javascript out of your head will help the start render time as well.

OK, I’m trying to fix the javascript. Any advice for the forum ? Analytics is showing that the forum is showing some big loading times in comparison with the blog.

Move the javascript out of the head to stop blocking, fix what looks like a redirect at the start, and sprite the images.

There are far to many images on the page, if you sprite all the png’s then you’ll save a second.

Fix the fact it loads THREE index pages and save another second.

I’ve just installed this new skin. I did download a sprite plugin for wordpress but it didn’t seem to actually sprite any of the images but maybe it was just the skin.