Apple and android devices testing

Hi, I’m unable to get success results from mobile devices in Dulles. I tried to do it via API using my api-key and following options:
{location: “Dulles_iPhone6.3GFast”} and {location: Dulles_GalaxyS7.3GFast}.

There is error for both options:
“statusCode”: 400,
“statusText”: “Invalid Location, please try submitting your test request again.”

The only mobile devices available through the API are the MotoG and MotoG4: WebPageTest - Location Status

So, does it mean that there are no apple devices to test?

Not through the public API. There aren’t enough devices to support it.

Patrick, thank you for reply. Is there some way to test apple devices not through API?

Yes, through the UI. If you look at the top of the location selection there are a bunch of apple devices in a group for Dulles (right below Android).