Mobile Location Not working

I’ve written a java code and making http url connection below are the input parameters I pass and could able to successfully run but when I tried Dulles_iPhone6s (or any mobile locations) it’s not working.


How can I pass the mobile location?

Thanks in Advance.

The locations available to the API are available here:

The only mobile devices available to the API are the Moto G’s and Moto G4’s, not the iPhones.

Thank you for responding. I got Moto G working.

We have most user traffic coming from North East. I don’t see any NE locations in URL provided. Is there any chance we can test NewJersey or NewYork locations? if not can it be considered as future enhancements.

If you need that level of granularity you best option is Catchpoint. They are the only ones I’m aware of with a lot of test nodes in a lot of regions and on specific ISP’s.

Otherwise, “regionally close” is the best you’re going to be able to do. Virginia (either Dulles or EC2) is at most a 10ms RTT to New York and should be representative of the performance you get from there.