assure mobile agent availability


we have setup a private instance with mobile agent for Android device. Soon we will start measuring also in iOS device. The main goal is to have daily measurements for around 200 test pages. For this we have to keep the mobile agents alive. From time to time our device (GalaxyS5) hangs and the Install page shows its location is inactive from let’s say some hours if it happens during the night. We start it manually via the start script ( in Mac OS X Yosemite), but this is not ok for our regression measurings.

I checked the forum for similar issues and found this one with title “Mobitest-agents hangs every night” in forum Private instances. Should we root/jailbrake the device and try to execute restart script? Do you think this will make the device available 100%?

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Are you using mobitest or the nodejs agent? I highly recommend using the nodejs agent. The mobitest agent hasn’t been touched in years and isn’t supported by the UI currently.

The nodejs agent also has some availability issues that I’ve been working through. The latest code in github should be pretty reliable and if you run on a Windows host there is also an adbwatch.exe process that acts as a watchdog and can restart dead agents (or issues with adb) automatically.

Hi Patric,

thanks for the reply. We use the nodejs agent. Today the hang happened, but it was reset automatically after one hour. I could probably try to set less timeout and this should assure the availability :slight_smile:


Hi stydentsa,

we are similar, we have set up a private instance agent for an android phone, and planning to test more devices.
what I can find from documentation is: “Testing with the new Node.js agent requires Android devices running 4.4 (Kit Kat) or later or iOS devices running a recent version of iOS”
I’d like to know which devices are supported in your env?

The devices we are about to add are: all the iphones, all the ipads, and a android tablet. are these supported?


Android tablets should work fine. I have Nexus 7’s running in both portrait and landscape mode. The iPhones and iPads are going to be more questionable though - I haven’t had time to deploy the new agents here yet and I expect there are a bunch of things that need to get fixed to get it working. It’s at the top of my todo list.

Hi Matthew,

we plan to expand our device matrix. We test only on Samsung Galaxy S5 at that time with Android 5.0.

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