Mobile agent update

For those that live on the bleeding edge and play with the code, Sam Kerner (skerner here in the forums) just landed the iOS and Android code for WebPagetest agents into the SVN repository:

The Blaze/Akamai Mobitest agents are somewhat more mature at this point having been running live for the better part of a year so our plan is to pool our resources on the Mobitest agents, taking any improvements we have in the agents we had been working on and merging them into the Mobitest code base.

Huge thanks to both Sam for his work on integrating the agents (as well as the mobile speed teem at Google who did the bulk of the development) and to Akamai for releasing their agent under the same BSD license that we use for WebPagetest.

If you are running a private instance and are interested in testing mobile I recommend getting started with the mobitest agents ( ) knowing that that will be the go-forward codebase for mobile agents for WPT and that it will be actively maintained.



Hi Patrick

Can you share with us the status of the mobile agents ?
the mobitest one for iOS looks seriously deprecated and the iOS you are providing at the Dulles location is still the 5.1 version.
For Android, is the 2.3 version supported ?