Australia Location Missing?

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I find a large value associated with the Australian webpagetest location that was added back in 2010 as per the following thread:

Unfortunately, as of last week, this location seems to have dropped off the site leaving the site without any ability to test load times from Australian soil. Is this a temporary issue or has Strangeloop halted their support of the site recently?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I too also extensively use the Australian location when testing. Would like to know if this is a temporary stop or a permanent one.

Thank you.

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Strangeloop had to pull out of their Australia location but someone else has stepped in to fill the gap so hopefully we’ll be back online before too long.

I started a new thread about this same point.
Might want to delete it, or add the keyword Sydney into the title of this thread.

FYI, IE7, Chrome and Firefox are back online in Sydney now thanks to Bulletproof Hosting who are providing the test agent.