New locations in Brazil, Australia, Chicago and New York

Thanks to the incredible support of the community we now have 4 more test locations available, filling in some pretty big holes in our geographic coverage:

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Provided by Exceda
Sydney, Australia - Provided by Strangeloop
Chicago, IL and New York, NY - Provided by BO.LT

Give it a go and see how your site performs! (though not all at once please)

Before we all get excited, the Sydney site only takes one URL and needs one’s email address for lead prospecting.

Huh? All of the locations work the same way and there is no “lead prospecting” or e-mail taking. Go to the main page: - select “Sydney, Australia” and submit your test. No personal information, no restrictions (beyond abuse prevention).

If you’re talking about something that the partners are offering in the links above, those are the links to the services and products they offer and are different from the web testing that is done here (and independent of the test system they are running).

Absolutely fantastic!

Just tested Sydney, AU - IE7 … they dont have Flash installed…

Thanks, I’ll reach out to Strangeloop and have them install it (as well as silverlight which is the only other plugin I install by default).

Hey Pat, I couldn’t deduce the right IDs from interface drop-down.

Could you please update the location IDs on automation page:

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, there is a new XML interface to get the full list and status of the locations:


Saves me from having to document manually and can be used for private instance automation :slight_smile:

Thanks for the shout-out, Patrick. And thanks for pointing out the Flash issue, Sajal. Our team has fixed this, as well as the Silverlight issue, so you can go ahead and try again. Let me know if you have any problems.