Bandwidth limit doesn't seem to work from some locations

As far as I can see, from some ‘locations’ available from, the Connection speed option has no effect.

I tried a 1.5Mbps DSL connection limit from London (IE8). It downloaded a 2200KB page in approx 5 seconds. That’s way too fast, more like 3/4Mbps. I did the same with the 20Mbps connection and it managed about the same; 5 seconds. I’ve no idea what physical limit that location has, but the limit set by WPT seems to have no effect. I tried the same test from another UK location, Paris and Dulles. Dulles gave me sensible results. I don’t think the others did (to be honest I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten those results and I’m not im the mood to try again - London is definitely not right! I think…)

I’m going to take a guess and say the dummynet config/install isn’t there or correct? Is it possible for it to work without?

Or maybe it’s more complicated than that. I’m prepared for someone to tell me I’m wrong, If I’m right I’m suprised no one has noticed and/or commented in the forum (I had a good look) - but If I am wrong please do actually tell me and put me out of my misery.

Here’s an example:

It shouldn’t be possible for the tests to run without dummynet (you usually get an error back stating “the test completed but no results were available” but that test you sent DOES look like it is very broken. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll look into it right away. The Paris and London agents are run by different partners so I’d be surprised if they both had the same issue.

I’ll post back here when I get down to the root issue.

Ah yes, now I remember, one of the locations did exactly that (may have been Paris). I saw you mention that on another post, but I’ve read a lot of them today so I didn’t make the connection.

Thanks for the reply. Excellent work by the way.

Well, it looks like you managed to find the two broken configurations in the whole lot. I just took the London and Paris IE8 machines offline until we can figure out what is wrong with them. I don’t have direct access to either of them so it may take a while to sort out.

Thanks for pointing them out and I’ll post an update here when the issue has been fixed and they are back online.


London IE 8 is fixed and back up, still working on Paris.



Ok, got Paris sorted out as well - things should be back to normal now.