Get Confused! Geo Doesn't Matter?

Hi Guys,

I may need some help here.

Have my website tested twice, one from London and one from New York, but I found the time used are nearly the same. The test result from London is just 0.9 second faster than from New York.

I definitely have my website hosted in UK and a non-cloud hosting.

Does this mean, wow, the geo doesn’t matter too much? Or do I miss something?

Your help will be appreciated.

Do you have a link to both sets of test results? It is going to depend on the number of requests on the page. You also need to run quite a few tests to make sure you have a stable result.

FWIW, the RTT from New York to London is usually ~80ms so if there are not a lot of blocking resources served from the origin it might not take substantially longer (and 0.9s is reasonable for a small page).

Thanks for your reply. I forgot to save the links. I tried with the same site, so the requests should be the same.

Right, it’s not a question of the difference in the number of requests, but the overall request count for the site. If every request was blocking and there was no parallel loading going on the 80ms RTT could account for 10 requests (plus one RTT for connection setup).

That’s somewhat simplistic because it doesn’t factor in round trips for TCP slow start but for something like IE8 which has 6 parallel connections, if all 6 are running at the same time you could have a site that serves 40-50 different objects and still only be 0.9s slower.