slow from London


my clients site is hosted in Lewisham in the UK, deliberately because most of their readers are in the UK (and actually London-centric). However, weirdly, the client who is also London based is reporting the site loading slowly. When I test from London, the site does seem to be loading roughly 2 x slower than any other tests I run, be that from Manchester, Dallas, Paris, Amsterdam etc.

London test:
Manchester test:

I’ve checked with the host to see if there are any latency problems and they’re telling me not. Does anyone have any further ideas for me?

thanks in advance!


The site isn’t slow, it just takes long to render, which give the impression that the site is slow.

Since you are using Google Analytics, check the site speed tab to get a better glimpse of your page load time.

Would you like to work on making it faster?

but why would it be slow from London and not from elsewhere? this is what i’m failing to understand…

It looks like in both cases the CPU is pegged at 100% so there’s a good chance that what you are seeing is because the London node is on slower hardware than Manchester. Usually sites are bandwidth constrained and it doesn’t make a difference but in this case it does.

It might be worth enabling Chrome’s timeline capture to see what the browser is doing. The 1+ second for the DOM Content loaded (wide pink bar) is an indication that there’s a lot of heavy script code executing.