Tests running very slowly - London, Manchester


Is anyone else finding that tests are running extremely slowly on the Manchester and London nodes this week?

It was working as fantastically as usual last week but this week the three-stage test takes about an hour to complete. And that’s after the delay getting my test to the front of the queue.

I’m wondering if it’s just me!

I shall be trying other nodes once my current test is complete.

Many thanks


Which London node?

Hi Andy

It was London EC2, Chrome.

I see that Manchester has dropped off the list completely today.


I know this thread is ancient, but my tests are taking -several hours- to complete. 3 runs on London, UK node.

To add to this, my test is currently at 1500(!) minutes. (The first test failed after a day or two, however I attributed that to some problems we had with the website during that time).

Any ideas why WPT doesn’t seem to like our site? https://credence.co.uk.

Any help much appreciated!

I’m seeing the same issue when using UK server locations. Tests hanging or taking an extremely long time to complete. Does anyone have any info on why this is happening? (Glad to see I’m not the only one though!)

Steve Baxter I ran a test with the metrics Google uses for the speed factors: https://www.webpagetest.org/result/201116_DiKF_bb4e3166a1e00a3459b456a2cf2eb9ef/

Hope that may help you
tdave I run a test and looks overall fine.

The major issue that came to my attention is, that you should look at the bottleneck caused by this:

A X-DNS directive “preload” should help.

Hope this helps.