Beginner : Multi-Step limitation, Response body, Fully loaded screenshot

I’m working on a java project to test our web application pages using apache HttpGet and WebPageTest RESTful APIs.

  1. How many steps (script) are allowed per request.
  • When I tried with a large number of steps I got the following response
    {“statusCode”:400,“statusText”:“Sorry, your test has been blocked. Please contact us if you have any questions”}
  1. Our web application has more than 100 pages. All can be accessed after login. Either I need to navigate to all pages using “script” of 1 request or I need to send more than 100 requests, where each request will have login step as first step. Is there any way to default the login step for all requests ? or is there any other way to do this ?

  2. How to preserve request body and response body of all network calls (Actually I need them for failed calls). I have seen “Save Response Bodies” option in UI. But how can I pass that flag using “script”.

  3. When I observe the Fully Loaded screenshot, the page is not actually loaded. Please educate me about this. Please check the attached image.