Best forum software from FEO point of view

Amongst the following five forum software:


Do you know which one(s) is(are) the best concerning the following three metrics:

[]The avatars and [images] attachments are cache-able [or can be configured to be cache-able] and cache-ability can be delegated to Apache to use mod_expires;
]Likewise for the associated css and javascript files;
[*]The generated HTML documents have a cache-ability mechanism, for instance Last-Modified header.

I only know phpBB and vBulletin, and it’s a draw… mainly because avatars/images are stored externally, as are css/js so their expiry is a function of the web server config.

Both these two also generate FE cache versions of their pages.

Thanks for the feedback, GreenGecko.

One last question though, if I’m not abusing of your help, do you know some good tutorials to optimize PHPbb or vBulletin?

I just treat them as any other app… my preference is to use a LEMP stack, ensure that the database has adequate memory allocated, and you use a decent opcode cacher like APC.

That’s a good starting point. After that, monitor resources and feed accordingly


Thank you all for the feedback.

One reason why I opened this thread is because I know that SMF snores with respect to image cache-ability, as only avatar images can be delegated to Apache.

On the other hand SMF has a very good optimizing tutorial, cf.:

Although PHPBB is allegedly better, I still haven’t found any good optimizing tutorial.