Cache-control and Expires headers not showing up

We have cache-control and expires headers implemented on a batch of assets that are served via CDN. When we curl the headers of these assets, we can see the cache-control and expires headers. (We’re planning on dropping expires, but it’s there right now.) As far as we can tell, the headers are properly configured. But they don’t appear in the “response” portion of the pop up when you click on the asset in the waterfall diagram. Is there any reason why this would be the case?

A couple other bits of info:
-Pagespeed Insights is also reporting that these assets have no caching headers (they’re listed under “leverage browser caching” recommendations)
-The cache-control and expires headers currently have different values, which is on the list to fix.

Here’s an example of just one of the assets that was flagged:

Here’s the whole page:

Again, as far as we can tell, caching is enabled on all assets coming from our CDN (they start with but the headers are only showing up sporadically.

Does anyone have any insights on this?