Cache The Root?

Something keeps bugging me, I get a ‘B’ in the ‘Cache static content’ category and according to the results it is because I am not caching the ‘root’ of the entire website.

There used to be lots more stuff not cached, but after fiddling I went from a ‘D’ to my current ‘B’. But, the only problem is that I am not caching the domain name itself, not any particular file.

Is there some form of addition I need to make in my .htaccess to get it to cache the ‘root’ of the site.

Like, can I, somehow, set something to cache just the ‘’ root?

You cannot cache a domain name per se. It needs to be caching the page that the server directs to for the root, usually something like index.php, index.asp or index.htm

That makes sense!

Ok, now to figure out which page that would be in Wordpress. Funny enough I have a good caching plugin, would have assumed it would have done that as part of its voodoo! :slight_smile:

Depending on how dynamic your site is you might not want to cache the base page - it is getting flagged by WebPagetest because there aren’t any headers that explicitly say NOT to cache it (pragma: no-cache for example or an expires in the past).

Ah, so I should put in a header, manually, to explicitly tell browsers to cache it as well?

Only if you REALLY want the html root to be cached. Otherwise you should put in headers to tell the browser explicitly NOT to cache it.