CDN not detected?

Allthough I am using a CDN for my Magento-hosting the Web Page Performance Test says no CDN detected (see image).

Resulting in bad score (Use a CDN for all static assets: 0/100) and even more: FAILED messages for most static assets.

If I follow the link I can simply open and show a image or css.file.

Why doesn’t this test see the CDN?

Do you have any more information on bytecdn? I ran a traceroute from the US and it went all the way to Amsterdam so it looks like it’s more of a “static file server” than a CDN (at least for the purposes of web performance where we look to a CDN to move content closer to the users).

If all of your users are in Europe then it’s perfectly fine to not use a CDN but if you have a global user base that is global then you are probably better served by a CDN with nodes around the globe.

I have a similar but a little bit different issue here. The CDN is detected in US or UK node however not in China. Do you think it’s our CDN have some issue? Can you please share a little more detail how CDN detection is done?

The CDN detection looks at any CNAMES that came back as part of the DNS lookup to see if the domain is CNAMED to a known-CDN provider. There are also a few providers where it looks at the host response headers as a fallback.