CDN not detected

I do site audits, so run a variety of sites through the tests. Often it does not detect a CDN even though the site is running through CloudFlare. I run the test another day and sometimes it will detect the CDN and all reports reflect that, including reduced load time and such.

Is anyone else seeing their CDN not being detected?
Are you using CloudFlare or another CDN such as MaxCDN?


I have the same problem using MaxCDN.
Someone knows how to solve that?

Do you have a link to a test result? WebPageTest itself also uses MaxCDN and it is being detected correctly as best as I can tell so I’d need an example to see what it looks like.

This is my last result. is correctly detected (NetDNA is the same as MaxCDN) but it looks like you have a bunch of static resources that are being served directly from instead of the cdn:

Thanks, I’ll look deeper to find why this resources are served directly.