Chrome browser window closes automaticaly on starting test

I have completed the setup by following the instructions from , and was able to wptdriver says “Waiting for work”
i opened the google chrome in the same test machine and tried to validate the installation by typing and click start test, the browser window automatically closes it

i am doing anything wrong ?
Windows 7 ultimate with apache & webpagetest private instance installed.

The WPT agent(s) are responsible for opening and closing browser windows. If you open one manually on the test machine, this may interfere with testing (or simply signal the agent that it’s left a browser window open), so it’s closed automatically.

To check your installation, access the WPT-server from another computer, enter a URL and click “Start Test”, as you would on

If you want to open a browser window then I’d recommend stopping both URL-Blast and WPTDriver

If you need to validate the installation there’s a couple of things you can do but I’d do these from another machine.

  1. Try submitting a test
  2. Check http:/your-machine-name/getLocation.php and see whether your test agent is registered
  3. Check the apache logs for request to getwork.php

I tried. but results window is blank. i have a virtual box machine with windows xp and windows 7 and in both scenarios its blank.

First check http:///install/ and make sure everything is set up correctly

As far as closing browser windows goes, it should only do that right when it starts up. I use a chrome browser inside of a VM to submit tests to localhost for my dev testing all the time.

my vm is virtualbox , install is fine and saying one agent (wptdriver) is running

the wptdriver keeps saying waiting for work and occasionally says dnsflushresolvercache returned 1

after few seconds it says - test completed and no results.

virtual box anything to do with tests?