on starting the test in private instance, browser instances are getting closed

I had created the setup in localhost…my setup seems to be ok.
Ran the wptdriver.exe, once it started… i started the test in chrome browser…the browser is getting closed…

Could you please help me on these:

webdriver.ini details:

Time Limit=120

exe=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”
options=’–load-extension="%WPTDIR%\extension" --user-data-dir="%PROFILE%" --no-proxy-server’

exe=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”
options=’-profile “%PROFILE%” -no-remote’

exe=“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

my install details:

WebPagetest 2.18 Installation Check


PHP version at least 5.3: 5.4.45
GD Module Installed: yes
FreeType enabled for GD (required for video rendering): yes
zip Module Installed: yes
zlib Module Installed: yes
curl Module Installed: yes
php.ini allow_url_fopen enabled: yes
APC Installed: NO (optional)
SQLite Installed (for editable test labels): NO (optional)
Open SSL Module Installed (for “Login with Google”): yes
php.ini upload_max_filesize > 10MB: 10M
php.ini post_max_size > 10MB: 10M
php.ini memory_limit > 256MB or -1 (disabled): 256M
System Utilities

ffmpeg Installed with --enable-libx264 (required for video): yes
ffmpeg Installed with scale and decimate filters(required for mobile video): N-78197-g5893e87,scale,mpdecimate
imagemagick compare Installed (required for mobile video): NO (optional)
jpegtran Installed (required for JPEG Analysis): yes
exiftool Installed (required for JPEG Analysis): NO (optional)

python 2.7 with modules (faster mobile video processing): Error running “python video/visualmetrics.py -c” (optional)

{docroot}/tmp writable: yes
{docroot}/dat writable: yes
{docroot}/results writable: yes
{docroot}/work/jobs writable: yes
{docroot}/work/video writable: yes
{docroot}/logs writable: yes
Test Locations

Local : Local
Local-URLBlast : Local - IE 11 - No Agents Connected
Local-WPTDriver : Local - 1 agents connected

Try updating the test agents: https://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/private-instances#TOC-Updating-Test-Agents

As of the 2.19 release there is a setting in settings.ini to have them automatically update.