Chrome - Disable prediction service\dns prefetch from command line?


I’m running a private instance and was trying to pass some command line options to reduce variance in tests when I ran into his problem. One of the switches I’m passing is: --dns-prefetch-disable, in order to turn off the setting to use a predication service to load pages more quickly.

This doesn’t seem to work though, I verified that the options are being passed and called by wptdriver, but was not disabling this option in chrome. The option is still checked in settings, and chrome://dns/ is still showing it as active. Running the command directly has the same results, so I’m guessing this flag is disabled. I’ve also tried: --simple-load which seems like it should do the same thing, but that also seems disabled.

Does anybody have a way of doing this? Or a list of working chrome command line switches?

This is Chrome: 54.0.2840.99 running on Win7 Enterprise.

In discussions with my team, we have concluded that this may not affect the variance between tests that much since a new profile is used for each run, but I would still like the option of turning these settings off. The ability to change the settings in the default profile that is loaded seems like it would be useful.