Chrome,Firefox AMI not returning results

I am running 1 amazon instance (all in east) for each of the 3 instance types. The IE9 instance is AMI# ami-0f7eae66 as per the docs. I am running WPT 2.5 on another box.

The IE7 and IE8 boxes work fine. The IE9 part of the IE9 box works fine.

The Chrome and Firefox requests the -location-_wptdriver (via the apache logs), and even ‘starts the test’ (that’s what the getLocations.php file says and the UI for running tests updates). However, it never returns anything and eventually times out with “The test completed but there were no successful results.”

Here is my locations.ini


label="x EC2 East (IE7-9,Chrome,FF)"

label="Chrome/FF East - EC2"

browser=IE 9
label="IE9 East - EC2"

browser=IE 8
label="IE8 East - EC2"

browser=IE 7
label="IE7 East - EC2"

My apache access log has these:

107.22.x.x - - [19/Feb/2012:01:46:24 +0000] "GET /work/getwork.php?location=x_wpt_ie9_east_wptdriver&software=wpt&ver=21&pc=IP-0A02Bxxx&ec2=i-ce2d0xxx HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "WebPagetest Driver"

107.22.x.x - - [19/Feb/2012:01:47:17 +0000] "GET /work/getwork.php?location=x_wpt_ie9_east&key=&ec2=i-ce2d0xxx&pc=IP-0A02Bxxx&ver=304 HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "urlBlast"

I am unsure how to Remote Desktop into these machines (it never generates a password, I guess because “Ec2SetPassword” is not set in their Config.xml), otherwise I’d check out what was going on there.

Thanks so much!

My guess is that you have an older agent in your work/update directory that is being installed on the instances. I’ll have a 2.6 release this week that includes the latest agents but you need an updated wptdriver for Chrome and Firefox support. If you want to grab the latest now you can get them from:

Chrome/Firefox: - also extract wptupdate.ini from the zip to the update folder

and IE: - also extract update.ini from the zip to the update folder

I was getting the IE9/Chrome/Firefox AMI’s ready for the 2.6 release - I’ll add a note to the private instances page with a warning.



Were this 2.6 release and the updates you mention to download included in the AMI’s? If i downloaded the one for IE9/Chrome/FF a week ago, would the most recent changes be there? Because tests using Chrome are coming back with no successful results, though Firefox does not.