Chrome's Visually Complete and Speed Index return 0

I have noticed since 5/22 that (Dulles) Chrome’s Visually Complete and Speed Index have been only returning 0. If I look at the details page of the results, those columns are not even listed. Please see for examples:

And for comparison of what I expect to see:

You need to enable video capture to get the Speed Index and Visually Complete metrics (I should probably call that out in the UI somewhere).

Interesting. Previously, I have been using the API to collect the data without passing the enable video parameter, and I still got back these metrics. It is only on Dulles:Chrome that I stopped getting these metrics back.

Did something change? I assume I need to start sending the video=1 parameter to always ensure that I continue to get these metrics?



You should pass video=1 to make sure you get those metrics. I’m not sure how you could have gotten them otherwise.