Webpage Results

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me with my test results?

The first test I performed was this:

My first bite time (processing) was taking too long. I enabled cache for my website and now I get the following results:

I then enabled HTTPS for my entire website and get the following results:

The previous three results were using IE9 and DSL as the connection.

The results look a little better with IE10.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.

Travis Walters

I have another question too…

Why is my website taking so long with SSL negotiations on repeat view?

1 second is still pretty slow for a server response time, particularly if it is coming out of cache. Is this on a dedicated/vps or on a shared server?

Your repeat view also looks like it isn’t caching any/most of your static assets. Focusing on that will help with the site as people return.

I’d spend some time looking at your independent contractors carousel. It looks like only 5 images get displayed on the visible page until someone clicks to rotate the carousel but all of the images are loading. Delay load the ones that are not in the initial view until either after the onload or on user action (depending on how many users actually click).

As for SSL times on repeat views, you’ll probably need to look at packet captures and probably server traces to figure out what is going on. It’s possible that it is trying to do an abbreviated negotiation based on the previous certs and that may be tripping up your server (though I’ve never seen it that bad).