Comparing Repeat View Videos

Hi. I’d like to compare two repeat view videos. I’m trying to show the impact of caching on load time, comparing a version with caching off with version with caching on. I’d love to have them display side by side like you can compare first view videos.

I’m suggesting this as an enhancement to this site but I’m looking for some software to do this right now. I have access to a windows machine and a mac. I’ve tried this in iMovie but it’s painful.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


You can do it in WebPagetest, you just need to manually edit the comparison URL because I haven’t exposed it in the UI (trying to figure out a good way to expose it). You also can’t use the default “visual comparison” UI, you need to run individual tests (with video selected) then go into the test history and compare the tests you are interested in.

In the comparison URL there is a list of tests that is comma-separated (tests=X,Y,X). You can tweak the settings for each individual test (modify the label, pick a specific run or select the repeat view) by appending a modifier to each test ID.

-l: - modify the label used for that test
-r:# - pick a specific run
-c:1 - use the repeat view (cached)

For example…

Original Comparison:,110505_YN_J3J5




Excellent news, thanks! Showing off the site in my performance talk at a dev conference in Glasgow tomorrow. Can’t thank you enough for building this. :slight_smile: