Comparing Waterfall Results


I was curious if there is an easier or more straightforward way to compare the waterfall timeline results of 2 tests on the same URL. It appears that my test history only shows a “Compare” checkbox next to tests that included video capture; however, the test results I’m interested reside exclusively in the waterfall timeline.

It seems that when I can compare tests, there is a neat feature that allows you to scrub between 100% opacity for Test A’s waterfall and 100% opacity for Test B’s waterfall. This is great! I just need a better way of accessing this feature for my tests that did not include a video capture.

Is this possible at this time?


There isn’t UI to select them but the same comparison page should work for tests that don’t include video as well. Just drop their test ID’s into the tests=… list of tests that are being compared.

Ah, perfect! Thanks, that’s just what I needed.