Video Strip from a particular location

Hello Everyone,

I am sure this question has been asked and I hate to repeat to ask if we can choose our own location instead of being tied to Dulles, VA to do a video chart comparision.

If I want to know how someone from Delhi/Bangalore would see the two pages load for a predominantly Indian based website, I have a challenge now. Would someone be able to let me know if this is possible?


Yes, you just can’t use the Easy UI.

1 - Log in. It’s not critical but it will let you see your test history from any browser.
2 - Run individual tests for the things you want to compare (make sure to turn on video capture in the advanced settings). It also helps to set a label for each one.
3 - After you have run all of the tests, go into the test history.
4 - Check the boxes next to the individual tests you want to compare.
5 - Click the compare button.

You will end up at a filmstrip comparison of the tests that you selected. You can change the order or labels for the tests as well by tweaking the URL manually (there is a button that shows you the different parameters available).

Thanks so much, pmeenan! It helped a lot.