Making videos with custom settings

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to follow up on our tweet exchange - it’s very hard to have a conversation restricted to 140 characters!

I’m curious how you made the video comparisons for that had custom settings - in this case the ability to block domains.

I have used the ‘Visual Comparison’ tool many times, but this does not allow me to change any settings. I am also aware on how to make a video for individual customised tests - but not put the two together and be able to make the visual comparisons similar to those that you made.

Are you able to share how you did this?

Hi Pat,

I may have just found the answer to my question - I believe I can accomplish this by manually constructing a URL along the lines of,test2ID,test3ID and so long.

Is there a better way than this?

Thanks again,

lol, agreed - it was hard to explain everything through Tweets :slight_smile:

I think the key piece you’re probably missing is the test history. If you run individual tests capturing video you can go into the test history and those tests will have a checkbox in front of them. Select the ones you want and hit the compare button.

It is significantly easier if you are logged in when you run the tests because then you’ll only be looking at your tests in the history.

If you want to tweak the videos then you’ll need to do it on the url structure (re-arranging the order of the tests, changing the labels, etc).

Hope that helps.


Ah yes, I see that now - that does make life a lot easier!

Thanks for the help.