Do a video comparison test from location in Europe

I want to do a video comparison between 2 sites but froma server in the EU.
When doing a test from I know how to change the location.
When doing the test from I cannot change the location?

I thought first change the location on and then do the test on but that is not the trick?

Is the only way achieve this:

  • do test 1 from with preferred location and make a video of it
  • do the same for the next site
  • make myself a compilation of the 2 video‚Äôs

Any ideas or suggestions? Is there a hidden way to add the preferred location to the URL?

The way to do it is to run the tests separately for the 2 sites you want to test (make sure video capture is enabled) then go to your test history, check the box next to the two tests you want to compare and hit the compare button.