Compress Images N/A after using EWWW Image Optimizer


after WPT showed me an F for Compress Images I have installed EWWW Image Optimizer in my Wordpress-Project and used the mass compresseion to compress all images that had been uploaded so far.

Since then I get an Compress Images N/A. It is not https, not all converted to pngs or what else I have seen for reasons so far.

Here is a sample result:

Could anybody point me in the right direction what has happened or what I should do?

Best regards

Nothing to worry about, your images are optimized.

N/A usually means it couldn’t find any image bodies (all OK would be an A). I’m not sure why it’s not detecting the images though, the few edge cases I can think of should not be triggered (mostly HTTPS/HTTP2 where sometimes bodies are not available).

The images are being gzipped (as can be seen on the table on the Performance Review page) which usually returns the N/A status for images.

It’s not recommended to use gzip for images as they are already compressed and could even make them even larger. Turning this off should help to show the mark again ,so you can find the images that need compressing.

You could also use other tools such as PageSpeed Insights which says you could save over 388kb by compressing and resizing the images on that page:

Thanks for your replys. I cannot find in EWWW where to switch off gzip. Though, since Googe Page Speed is not complaining, I will leave it like that for now. Thanks!