Compress Transfer N/A. Why?

Result of the test:

Result on main page for the Compress Transfer is N/A.
The text for it in the Performance Review tab is:
“Use gzip compression for transferring compressable responses: N/A”

a) I checked if I had gzip compression on with Chromes DevTools and it shows it as HAVING gzip compression.
b) Also checked for gzip compression via Check GZIP compression ( Result of this check: It is compressed.
c) checked old logs of tests and there result for Compress Transfer is an A!

What is the reason for the N/A now?
It’s fine. You only have one external script that isn’t gzipped and it’s up to them whether they do it or not.
Compressing could save 66B (24% reduction).

Thanks for that avalanch!

Good to know that Gtmetrix provides the missing info as to the gzip compression.