Conbination with Selenium to get performance metrics automatically

Hi Pmeenan,
First of all thank you very much for devoting your time and energy to the project and solving problems . I know that not a simply word can express the gratefulness(especially at this special holiday:D).
I was working for get performance metrics with selenium automation testing, but I do not have much exprerence about both selenium and webpagetest(especially wpt agent;P), do you have any ideal to share with us people who want to get performance automatically? Thanks for your time.


I thought of it myself but after reading a bit about webpagetest, I decided to use API and then parse the xml response. there’s no need for selenium (webdriver ) to drive tests for you, only get request suffices

Thanks for your reply. Preaty sure that WPT API could do it, but selenium(Webdriver) is very good at automation testing, it is perfect that automatically test and gather performance metrics at the same time.