Integration with Selenium WebDriver


I am interested in writing some performance tests that use both Web Page Test and WebDriver.

Are there any tutorials that detail how this works? I found some information related to this by Michael Klepikov online at but there are no specifics on how to implement. I need some more details step-by-step instructions if they exist.

Basically I would like to measure the time it takes to download all the objects on a webpage and capture all the data in some type of data format. I wish to use Selenium WebDriver with Webpagetest API and write my tests using Java.

Let me know if you need any more specifics or have questions.

I don’t think it’s documented anywhere. Right now it is kind of cobbled together until I can provide a better interface for “pushing” a test result.

At a high-level it is faking a test agent by:

  • Submitting a new test request to get a test ID allocated (call to /runtest.php)
  • Run the webdriver test, extracting the dev tools data through the webdriver logging interface
  • Uploading the test result to the allocated test ID (call to /work/workdone.php)

Hopefully that helps explain the flow that his code is going through. The plan is to eliminate the need for submitting a fake test request and to be able to push the test result directly.

It’s 2016 now and I’m wondering whether Selenium and WebPagetest can be easily integrated and whether this process is described anywhere.

Is there any update on this?