Confusing for Test Results--Help Me

Confusing for Test Results–Help Me

Dear Patrick Meenan,

I deploy a private instance of WPT 2.4. Thanks for your beatufully tools.
I am enjoying it.

But I have some confusing for the result:

Question 1:
I run webpagetest for url:
on Chrome 14

The Document Complete bytes in is 880 KB but the Fully Loaded Bytes In is 1KB. What’s that meaning? It’s a bug or right?

Question 2
We still use this sample. The URL change to :����

This search result page of will load a advertisement div eliment by Javascript on the right of the search result page. When I make the test, sometime the test result will count all requeset encoding the javascript load the adv images; but sometime it do not.

Question 3:
This question is show in picture 1, the CDN detected. We use cdn for most static resources, but the webpagetest do not detect automaticly, is there any setting I need do?

#1 - has to be a bug. I can’t see the screen shots (get a 403 forbidden for the images you put inline) . I reproduced it here: so I should be able to fix it pretty quickly.

#2 - Document complete counts I assume? Again, can’t see the screen shots but I imagine it depends on how the javascript is injecting the ads into the page and the overall timing. If it sometimes happens before onLoad it’s possible that the browser recognizes the change in the DOM and delays the onLoad until the updated DOM has finished loading (just a guess).

#3 - WebPagetest only recognizes the CDN’s it knows about (most of the commercial CDN’s but only a couple of private CDN’s). From the looks of it you might actually be running your own. Is it safe to assume that * is all distributed? If so I can add it to the known-list when I fix #1.



ok, I have an updated wptdriver available that fixes #1 (here is the same test with the new result: ). It also includes * on the CDN list (the IE agent has been updated in code but I haven’t released a binary yet).

You can download the update from here:

The easiest way to install the update is to copy the zip file to the work/update directory on your server and extract the wptupdate.ini file out of the zip to the same directory. The agents will download and install the update automatically.