custom headers and Host Resolver rules not working on Android Agents


Is custom headers and host resolver rules not expected to work for Android Chrome Agents? I tried it on the public instance of WPT and it looks like none of the devices support these two options, so just wanted to make sure if this is expected or a bug.


It is expected. Mobile agents can’t intercept the requests and do any modification.

That said, the “setDns” command should work on the mobile agents as it modifies the hosts file to do the remapping.

Thanks Pat, is there a UI where I can enter the IP so that it gets transcribed as a setDNS command to the Android Agent ?

setDns is done through a script in the script tab of advanced settings (which has a link to the docs).

Something like:


Thanks Pat, I just found this link and figured it out and I had to use navigate to make sure it was a https transaction

addHeader Pragma: akamai-x-cache-on

addHeader still doesn’t work, which was expected - it will be nice to point out which script tags work on Android Chrome vs Desktop Chrome.

BTW this tool is awesome !