Getting Mobile results in complex environment

From what I understand, the mobile agents don’t support scripting.

Specifically I’m most interested in the setDNSName , modifying HOST name, and adding headers and/or cookies.

I’ve been experimenting with the mobile=1 api parameter, which I understand to be Chrome emulation, but I’ve noticed on Dulles that sometimes the user agent is RAZOR and sometimes it’s NEXUS 5.

I thought mobile =1 set the user agent , viewport and other parameters automatically.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bad setting on one of the agents, or is there a better way to do what I’m doing?

It should set the user agent string. It used to be a Razor and recently changed to a Nexus 5. It’s possible I missed code somewhere and just need to update it.

Hmm, A search on all of the code doesn’t show a Razor string anywhere. Any chance you have an example test result I can see that has the problem?

The specific user string is
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.0.4; DROID RAZR Build/6.7.2-180_DHD-16_M4-31)

(Sorry for the typo). I’ll send you the test offline (confidentiality reasons)