Customize Waterfall is not showing cached version

I found this wonderful feature “Customize Waterfall” and unfortunately it’s not allowing to customize cached results even though “&cache_Cached” is there.

Here’s the test I’m working with:

Hope it’s easy to fix - this feature is simply perfect!

All fixed, thanks for pointing it out - bug slipped through when I threw it together. I whipped that one up quickly because I needed to do some powerpoint presentations comparing before/after waterfalls and it was a royal pain to do manually.

I’ll probably actually announce and document it better when I get a chance to polish it more but in the meantime it’s really helpful for those of us that need to create decks :slight_smile:

Let me know if there is some other functionality you’d like to see in there as well. On the list to add is:

  • allow for the legend to be included in the actual graphic (makes copy/paste a lot easier)
  • allow for switching between regular waterfall and mime types
  • allow for binning requests into “categories” which each gets it’s own color (for distinguishing ads from content, etc)
  • allow for highlighting specific requests

Lot’s of things on the to-do list though ( so not sure how soon I’ll be able to get to them (I expect as I need each feature for a presentation :-))



Yep, that’s pretty much why I was looking at it :wink: