Deafult Browser Size also changes the size for emulated tests (mobile)

For my private instance, I want the browser window to be 1920x1080 so I set the default_browser_size=1920x1080 (in settings.ini). However, this setting also modifies the browser size for emulated mobile agents. Is it expected behavior? How can I get a bigger browser window while testing on desktop only?
This screenshot is of a test run with default_browser_size=1920x1080 and emulated google pixel2. The window is stretched to the desktop size, ignoring the mobile agent’s viewport size.

The same configuration works fine on WPT version 2.19 and doesn’t override the mobile emulator’s viewport size:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Emulated mobile tests show website’s mobile experience on a desktop sized window.

Any news on this?

Sounds like this might be a bug. Could a workaround be just to leave settings.ini alone, but specify the resolution as a test parameter only when you’re submitting the desktop test?

The api has parameters for width/height, and browser_width/browser_height.