how to change browser size globally

Hi Pat,

Is there any settings we can enable to set the default browser size. It currently defaults to 1024x768. I would like to increase this size for my private instance. I’m using webpagetest 2.18.

I found following setting from GITHub. And tried using it my settings.ini but does not seem to be working.

; Default browser dimensions if not specified as part of a test.
; Defaults to the agent default if not specified (1024x768 usually).

I could use setViewportSize but this needs to be set on each test. So I’m reaching out to you to see if there are any other setting.

Thanks in advance.

You probably need to be running a newer server than 2.18 to have the setting (and recent agents). I’ll be cutting 2.19 (or 3.0) in a few weeks but ToT is stable and what most systems run.