Disable Compatibility View as GET-param

Hi Pat,
the wptserver advanced option “Disable Compatibility View (IE Only)”:
Is there a possibility to set this as a GET-parameter in REST-call to runtest.php? Respectively is it parameter req_standards=1 for disabling?
Regards Nils

According to my understanding not choosing the new option “Disable Compatibility View (IE Only)” should result in using the default setting for the loaded URL for loading in compatibility mode or not. So if I set “use current account=1” in urlblast.ini I can configure using comp. mode or not by setting respective IE-settings. It seems version 2.8 uses comp. mode for all loaded sites as default (if one would not disable it actively via gui of wptserver).

Is that correct? If yes: I don’t think that’s the behaviour users would expect.

Unfortunately wptmonitor doesn’t has the possibility to pass option for disabling comp. mode so we have to fix it in runtest.php in wptserver 2.8.

If you don’t explicitly set it as a test option then it should be using whatever the default is for the installed browser. I can double-check the code but IE has to download the compatibility view updates and it doesn’t unless you have it configured to.