Document Complete (and Load Time) values seem *far* too quick

I’ve just setup a private instance (release 19.04) on a Centos 7 VM with a Windows 10 VM running wptagent.

Everything seems to work fine, but I’m getting some unrealistically-quick figures when testing with latest Chrome Stable (74.0.3729.131):

Document Complete - Time: 0.002s
Document Complete - Requests: 0
Document Complete - Bytes: 0KB

I notice that the first request is a 302 redirect but I would expect the figures above to be for the ‘target’ page rather than for the redirect?

The Fully Loaded figures all look much more realistic for the (unfortunately quite slow) website that I’m testing: Time 26.955s, Requests 174 and Bytes 2,497 KB

Any advice/tips on why the Document Complete figures are so low would be appreciated please!