Double requests for css

I’m a bit confused.
Running the test on my site the css comes up twice in the results even though there is only one call to it.
As a test I made a basic page and still the same result
There is two request for it in the Headers page and there is two listings for it in the Details View

Am I going mad…[hr]
Ahhh 5 seconds later and I’ve found the reason
I use // instead of for links to css etc so it works on encrypted and non encrypted pages
But why is it still being requested twice

Curious, never seen that before. It doesn’t look like your test page has any structure to it (, etc - just the css - could that be causing it as well?)

No I just put that up to demonstrate the problem knowing that nothing else could be pulling in the css.
My actual page has everything etc.[hr]
Note its only the css file that is pulled twice, everything using this format (js, images etc) is only pulled once.

I’ve actually change the code now so it uses the relevant address and now I have the coveted 6 A’s

Hi Pat,

Same thing here:

It shows two css in some runs and not in others.

I wonder if it has anything to do with CDN implementation. That’s the only change I’ve added into site.

Best Regards,

I just looked at the page and seems like http or https protocol is missing for the CSS.

“Internet Explorer 7 & 8 will download stylesheets twice if the http(s) protocol is missing”

You can see more info from Steve’s blog post here -

Thank you Prasath!

That is incredible as mod_pagespeed strips & rewrites those protocols. This is one for the books.

I’ll make changes soon.


Great to know Prasath!